• Developed by DuPont® and the Crowell Corporation
  • Adheres to itself, not your product
  • Strong lightweight package
  • Non-abrasive and moisture resistant
  • Wide variety of the lines allows for product-specific applications
  • Tear and puncture resistant outer shell made of paper, linerboard, or film
  • Provides an airtight package
  • Series offer either highly flexible or rigid packaging alternatives
  • Self-mailing capabilities
  • Cushioning provided by Microfoam® which has high cling, low slip, low static characteristics
  • Leaves no residue like most adhesives
Easy to use
  • Cohesive instantly seals by the use of pressure, not heat
  • Eliminates the need for additional fasteners such as tape or staples
  • Creates a secure, tamper-evident pack
  • Self-sealing capacities similar to a padded mailer envelope
  • Apply by hand or with available automated equipment
Laminates offered
  • Cro-nel® & Nyvel® offered in custom roll widths
  • Available in either large rolls to minimize roll changeovers or small to avoid space constraints
  • Cro-nel® Plus offered in custom roll widths and perforations
  • Nyvel® & Film combination reveal products to consumers for confirmation and advertising
Reduce Damage
  • By incasing your product, leaves no exposed surfaces
  • Gently locks your product in place, reducing movement during shipping or handling
  • Eliminates surface damage
  • Provides critical corner protection
  • Remains intact through out shipping
  • Does not settle like peanuts or allow movement like air-pack
Surface Protection
  • Eliminates surface damage by completely encasing your product
  • Surface protection acts as a protective shell to your product
  • Air tight enclosure protects from dirt, grease, and moisture
  • Interleaving of products remains intact throughout transit reducing rub damage
Cushioning provided by
Polypropylene Microfoam®
  • Microfoam® cushioning provides high cling, low slip protection to Cro-nel® Products
  • Microfoam® in combination with our specially formulated cohesive coatings eliminates static
  • Microfoam® will allow coating directly on the foam unlike PE foam.
  • Microfoam® is resilient, after repeated impacts it continues to perform

Cost Savings
  • Decreased damage cost by eliminating surface damage
  • Speed and Ease of application reduces labor cost and increases productivity
  • Ease of removal enhances customer satisfaction
  • Reduces inventory SKU’s by providing a wide range of capabilities using same laminate wrap
  • Conforms to product shape eliminating the need for void fill and minimizing container size
  • Economize by customizing package to size required, using only what you need
  • Lightweight packaging lowers transit rates